12 Best Workout Apps to Achieve Your New Year Resolutions
3 Ways to Make Healthy Habits Stick

My TOP 3 ways to living a healthy lifestyle. You're adding too many tasks to your plate! Let's simplify the recipe for success. You have priorities and you want to get fit, but what's really going to make you reach the finish line? End every day knowing that you did your best, and only you can define your success! 

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Peloton Bike Review- How 30 rides with One Peloton changed my life

Peloton Bike Review: My First 30 Rides

I hope you've come across this blog post in a moment of need. When my creativity tank feels low, I can turn to some pretty dark places (see: comparison game, isolation, anxiety, depression, fear, pride, binge eating, negative self-talk). I learned a long time ago that exercise could help me overcome ANYTHING. Now, I turn to my Peloton bike. You've asked me how I like the bike and I LOVE getting that question! Read 30 ways this bike has changed my life. 

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Sweat Showcase Recap

The Sweat Showcase-What you missed!
Last weekend, we attended the Sweat Showcase, hosted by The Westin Galleria Dallas featuring Body By Simone! It was PACKED with workouts, an amazing health and fitness Panel, a Q&A with Simone, an expo with sweet goodies, a fashion show, and a super sweaty workout with Simone herself! 

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TIU Tour Dallas Recap


This weekend was FULL of events that made me sweat, smile, laugh...and my heart full. I am SO inspired and hopeful about the future. Sometimes all you need is some amazing girlpower and a sweaty dance session to get back on track. 

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My Favorite Skincare Products! Skincare Series: Part 2

Fresh Friday-My Favorite Skincare products! What do I use in my daily routine to keep my skin smooth and glowing? Find out here!  

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Sweat Showcase Feat. Body by Simone!

If you've been around the fitness community in Dallas long enough, you know that great events are something the Westin Galleria Dallas is known for! Well get excited because I am so pumped to be participating in the first-annual Sweat Showcase event, Sunday, September 24, at The Westin Galleria Dallas.

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5 ways to get rid of acne: Skincare Series

Have you tried everything to get rid of acne? I did! Read about our top 5 game-changers as well as 3 things to AVOID. A clear, glowing complection is not a vain goal-its a beautiful one! Find a discount in this post as well....

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How to get rid of acne with Light Therapy- R BEAUTY!

If you saw my post on the Gram last week about how I've started to improve my acne scars and dark spots this past year, as well as get my adult acne under control, then you know about the R BEAUTY light therapy mask! I couldn't more more excited to share my first month results with you. 

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#WCW Babe-Ciara Stevens!

Wow, talk about a girl-crush. Ciara is a woman who has truly inspired us to redefine success at AT. A native Canadian, Ciara is a thriving intensive care nurse while she manages Type I Diabetes. She is a certified YT and even owned her own studio! Its pretty clear that she has a knack for learning and knowledge. Check out her reading/podcast recommendations and inspiration on living your best life #despitediabetes  

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Peloton Bike Review: Is it Worth Your Money?

I've always loved spin, but I never thought I could experience what I loved from all of my cycling studios. Then came Peloton, the sexiest, quietest most interactive bike I've ever owned. I think I'm in love! 

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3 Ways to get Fit! Guest Post by Paulina K.

Many people may try to convince you to eat healthier and be more active, but to successfully transform your life and get in shape, YOU have to do it for YOU.  Not because reality tv tells you too…  YOU!  They won’t be there breaking a sweat at the gym or in front of the kitchen pantry trying not to make eye contact with the Nutella jar calling your name.


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