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12 Best Workout Apps to Achieve Your New Year Resolutions
3 Ways to Make Healthy Habits Stick

My TOP 3 ways to living a healthy lifestyle. You're adding too many tasks to your plate! Let's simplify the recipe for success. You have priorities and you want to get fit, but what's really going to make you reach the finish line? End every day knowing that you did your best, and only you can define your success! 

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3 Ways to get Fit! Guest Post by Paulina K.

Many people may try to convince you to eat healthier and be more active, but to successfully transform your life and get in shape, YOU have to do it for YOU.  Not because reality tv tells you too…  YOU!  They won’t be there breaking a sweat at the gym or in front of the kitchen pantry trying not to make eye contact with the Nutella jar calling your name.


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