3 Ways to Make Healthy Habits Stick

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Happy Monday! Are you prepared to tackle big things this week?! I know what you're thinking....I just started my latest fitness challenge or lifestyle change today and I don't need to add anything to add to my plate!

I got you girl! We're not adding anything except helpful tips to ensure you have the best week possible. It can be intimidating to start a new fitness goal....all the meal prep, the early morning wakeup calls, the "sorry I packed my lunch, thanks", and my least favorite, "I can't do HH, sorry!" 

You've made a plan and you want to stick to it. Happy Hours, dinners with friends, and impromptu lunches seem to derail me the most when I'm trying my hardest to stick to a plan. Stick to these 3 guidelines to get the most out of your week! 

1. Remember your WHY! 

What are you going to lose if you DON'T succeed at your goal? Even just a little part of your goal! Your motivation has to be undeniable, and there is no such thing as bad motivation. It will get you started down this long road we call a fitness journey. Is it a feeling of confidence? Confidence from wearing a dress to a wedding, a party or an event? You deserve that! Lighter and less bloated? You also deserve to feel that! Is it connected to the incredible community that you have found through IG or in your backyard? Own that! Remind yourself multiple times a day. 

2. Gain Momentum through discipline!

This is my strongest belief. The things that you make a non-negotiable in your life? Thats where you're going to stay stuck. Think about that for a minute. We want to create the strongest discipline in the healthiest aspects of your life! 

Those habits that you create? That's called discipline; brushing your teeth, using your dominant hand instinctively, taking the dog for a walk every morning, getting home and immediately watching TV. The more you are consistent with your habits, you will find it encouraging and energizing to crave the same reward (from say, completing your workout at the same time every day). 

3. Choose that ONE Thing! 

Let's say for example (because I know my boss-babes), that your top 3 priorities are: health, work, family. If you don't have your health, how can you feel fit to care for or impact others effectively at work and at home? If you don't feel energized, how can you have meaningful conversations and quality time with your loved ones? 

You owe it to yourself to simply put your health first. If this means picking ONE aspect of your health that you can choose to control each day-and stick to it! Get that workout done, 30 minutes is all it takes to turn yourself into a productive, motivated and glowing lady ready to tackle each day. Or put your nutrition first, making conscious decisions throughout the day knowing you are treating yourself with respect for the long-haul. 

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End every day knowing that you did your best, and only you can define your success! 

Without adding all of these extra asks to our list like, do extra abs every single day, complete 30 min. of cardio ever day, drink 100oz of water every single day (that's a great goal for your ONE thing!) try to focus on less! Simplify. Focus on these top 3 principles and apply them each and every week. Over time they will add up! Health is so much more than how we look, it's how we feel, carry ourselves, and move forward with grace every single day. 

Now go kick some major booty this week! 

xoxo, with gratitude,