12 Best Workout Apps to Achieve Your New Year Resolutions

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And you thought Christmas wasn't here yet....

Time to lace up ladies! With Black Friday basically here (thank you J.Crew for holding your sale early =) and Christmas gifts being purchased earlier and earlier, what better time than to give your loved ones gift ideas for the year! Some of them are a one-time purchase, but most have a free trial period and then different payment plans. I wish I could subscribe to all of the below apps-most of them come with a low monthly cost-but will run you WAY less than a gym. If you're looking for at home options, or gym options, I've got you covered bellow. Get ready for my favorite fitness apps that will help you achieve your 2018 fit new year resolutions.  


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Charity Miles
This is my favorite app because you give back while you go! Whether you're going on a walk/coffee date with a friend or running for your workout, you can choose from hundreds of charities-the app donates a portion of the miles that you run/swim/bike/etc. 

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Grit By Brit
Ok ok, although I am slightly biased being a former instructor at Grit, this app is great for quick video workouts and also hosts a 21 day challenge that you can follow along with each day. Brit's teaching style is nothing short of inspirational and gives you that extra boost of energy to kick major a$$ all day long. This is the app for BOSS women who like to WERK and sweat! Also features Brit's signature 'Britspiration' videos-seriously, you don't want to miss! 

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One Peloton
If you've spent any time on my Insta page or around here, you know that I am part of the One Peloton Community and I LOVE the instructors! Did you know they offer way more than just cycling in their app? YES! I love to begin my workouts with a 5 min. dynamic warmup and cool down with some yoga or even a total body toning routine. I love suggesting this app because you can actually use any indoor spin bike, not just the Peloton Bike. Get to know the instructors before you take the plunge on the bike-and don't worry, I've reviewed ALL the details for you in my post here and how the bike has changed my life here- including a discount code for the bike- you're welcome. 


Bored on a treadmill? Need help training on outdoor runs? Aaptive is the perfect trainer for your ears! Aaptiv is a fitness company that produces audio-based workouts created by certified personal trainers. Each workout is set to the perfect playlist to create an effective, music-driven experience. With over 2,500 workouts in the app (running, elliptical, race training, strength training, stretching) there’s a workout for every interest and fitness level. 

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Nike Training Club
This one never gets old! I LOVE NTC. Your Ultimate Personal Trainer. Get fit with 160+ free workouts in a variety of full-body challenges — from strength and endurance to mobility and yoga — featuring our world-class Nike Master Trainers in every drill. If structure is what you need, our personalized training plans adapt to you and your schedule for a one-way ticket to the body you want — whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just getting started. 

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Sarah Beth Yoga
Check out the full description to see all the amazing classes Sarah offers. I started doing her youtube videos last year and she stepped it up with the launch of her app this year! If you're looking to gain flexibility and strength or even just for recovery and more functionality in your fitness niche, don't miss this one. *200+ Yoga Videos* organized by style, focus, level and length
*Daily Yoga Calendars* and challenges that you can follow to exceed your goals
*Full-Length Yoga Classes* to challenge your practice, body and mind. 
NEW class & calendar added each month!

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Sweat by Kayla Itsines
Sweat is a go-to app for women’s health and fitness, which now hosts multiple trainers and programs:
• Kayla Itsines’ BBG program includes high-intensity plyometric training using minimal space & equipment. Kayla has also developed BBG Stronger, a new weights-based program for gym goers..
• Sjana Elise Earp’s Yoga program includes vinyasa-style resistance flows and yin-based recovery flows to improve strength, flexibility and posture.
• Kelsey Wells’ post-pregnancy program includes resistance workouts designed to increase core strength and improve posture for new mums.

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Daily Burn
Have fun and get fit with Daily Burn – personalized workout plans! This app boasts over 1000 individual WORKOUT videos in 20+ amazing programs. Choose from dance, high-intensity cardio, yoga, strength training and much more.
There’s a new Daily Burn 365 workout every single day. Catch it at 9:00 am ET, and on-demand for 24 hours. These 30-minute workouts are specially developed for fitness beginners.

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Studio Tone it Up

I've been doing Tone it Up workouts for about 7 years...I've lost count! There are so many routines to choose from, to sculpt every muscle in your body. Abs, legs, booty, arms-you name it! Karena and Katrina started a blog and online community called Tone it Up years ago and their new app allows you to schedule a live workout with one of their studio trainers. You can even chat with girls before and after class and exchange IG handles to get more connected in the community. Great for beginners or seasoned athletes looking for a fun way to change up your routine. 

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Active by Popsugar Fitness

Work out from anywhere with Popsugar Fitness! You can download content so if you're in a place with no Wi-fi- no worries! You can find HIIT, toning, sculpting, core and yoga classes in here and even join challenges for more motivation and accountability. 

Sculpt My Pregnancy.png


Sculpt My Pregnancy

While I'm not expecting, I know tons of soon-to-be mommy's who are sweating it out every day to keep themselves active and strong! I love seeing what they're all raving about so here's one for anyone modifying your usual workout to be more pregnancy-focused. Sculpt My Pregnancy  routines are developed by physical therapists and trainers to specifically target pregnancy-related issues like lower back and pelvic pain, and adjust based on the month of pregnancy you’re in. You can also track your progress, likes, and dislikes so you can stay on top of what works for you.

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Beachbody On Demand 

I've been doing Beachbody workout programs for years-I first took Turbokick in college and that's when I knew I wanted to teach fitness and inspire others. I have tried T25, Insanity, Insanity Max 30, P90X, Piyo, 21 Day Fix, and more. I'm no longer a BB coach, but I will forever believe that these programs have beyond amazing results if you're sticking to them every single day. The Beachbody On Demand (BOD) fitness app gives you access to all of Beachbody's most popular and proven workout programs. How can you beat 25 minutes with Shaun T? You can't. 



There you have it. There are so many apps out there, will you comment with your personal favorites below? I would love to try them out! 

xoxo, with gratitude,





All app icons courtesy of the Itunes app store. This is not a sponsored blog post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.