Peloton Bike Review- How 30 rides with One Peloton changed my life

I hope you've come across this blog post in a moment of need. A need for inspiration, motivation, a laugh, sympathy, or some honest advice, you'll find it here. When my creativity tank feels low, I can turn to some pretty dark places (see: comparison game, self-pity, self-reliance, isolation, anxiety, depression, fear, pride, binge eating, negative self-talk). So instead of going there, I learned a long time ago that exercise could help me overcome ANYTHING. Now, I turn to my Peloton bike. Many of you have asked me how I like the bike since purchasing it in June and if I would recommend it. I LOVE getting that question! I love curiosity and I also love getting to brag on this amazing brand....who does not pay me, or sponsor me, but they love me by providing amazing content and its important to pay that forward. 

Let's ride together! My rider name is Ari_Travelstead

Visit my blog post on all the details regarding specs, the app, and cost here . If you are interested in purchasing the bike, you can also use my discount code (8TMFFH ) to receive $100 towards the Peloton Boutique which you will need to buy shoes or some other great accessories, and I seriously love their clothes. 

New apparel line modeled by One Peloton home riders!

New apparel line modeled by One Peloton home riders!

Now that I have 30 rides under my belt (I'm only 12 rides away from 50!!) I can share my honest opinion of what it has done and is continuing to do in my life. 

30 things One Peloton has done for me

  1. Brought me out of depression by giving me SOMETHING to look forward to every day.

  2. Holds me accountable (I paid a lot of $mula$ for this thing, I use it)

  3. Increased my endurance, a lot.

  4. Changed up my workout routine, which lifted me over my plateau

  5. Improved my mood with each ride, making me happier.

  6. Makes me appreciate my own effort of just SHOWING UP, which is difficult when you have any type of depression.

  7. Never judges me for eating pizza the night before.

  8. Always encourages me to be the best version of myself in the moment.

  9. Gives me a space to be me, weird, enthusiastic and all.

  10. Climbs suck, I still hate them. And that’s ok.

  11. I (still) love sprints! Give me more!

  12. Connected me to Strava, where I can connect with old friends also chasing athletic goals. Kudos!

  13. Took inches off my body. This is nice.

  14. Made me feel incredible in my clothes again. Also nice.

  15. Invites me to celebrate small achievements.

  16. Really makes me appreciate cycling shorts again.

  17. Promotes my LOVE of cycling shorts! (Embrace the awkwardness)

  18. Anyone is welcome in the One Peloton community. Even my messed up self.

  19. Highlighted the fact that I need to do more yoga (those hamstrings!)

  20. Gave me yoga classes via #Beyondtheride classes on the Peloton app.

  21. Makes me believe that I am worthy of this dedicated time.

  22. Forces me take to take myself less seriously.

  23. Shows me that I am better than the lies in my head.

  24. Gave me a new HABIT, I can't go a few days without riding, its automatic.

  25. Brings me peace when I have anxiety...which is 70% of the time.

  26. Showed me how capable I am of reaching a new PR on the reg.

  27. Keeps me humble! Every class can still be freaking hard, I just push harder.

  28. Cody and DJ John Michael indulge every single one of my guilty pleasure pop songs and I love them for it.

  29. Propelled me to work hard on my passions like blogging, fitness and inspiring women.

  30. Life is short, when you don't get your way, just ride and forget the rest for a little while.

 I hope you're inspired to go crush your workout, and BELIEVE that it can do some powerful stuff. We can do anything if we have health and fitness on our side. All we have to do is work. 

has fitness helped you through a difficult situation? What type of workout was it and do you relate to any of the above? I want to hear about it! Comment below. 

xoxo, with gratitude,