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Peloton Bike Review- How 30 rides with One Peloton changed my life

Peloton Bike Review: My First 30 Rides

I hope you've come across this blog post in a moment of need. When my creativity tank feels low, I can turn to some pretty dark places (see: comparison game, isolation, anxiety, depression, fear, pride, binge eating, negative self-talk). I learned a long time ago that exercise could help me overcome ANYTHING. Now, I turn to my Peloton bike. You've asked me how I like the bike and I LOVE getting that question! Read 30 ways this bike has changed my life. 

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Peloton Bike Review: Is it Worth Your Money?

I've always loved spin, but I never thought I could experience what I loved from all of my cycling studios. Then came Peloton, the sexiest, quietest most interactive bike I've ever owned. I think I'm in love! 

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