5 Secrets to staying Fit through the holidays



1.      Exercise: Say whaaaa?!! This is my TOP secret to getting through the season and avoiding lounging around the house eating all the candy and overeating. This is the season we all tend to pull out ‘those’ jeans. Listen, one thing I hate more than regular pants is falling out of my workout routine. Make 30 minutes of daily exercise a non-negotiable HABIT 4-5 days throughout the week. Like brushing your teeth, just get it done. Even walking is great exercise! This will be enough to keep you in at least a maintenance phase, or even kick-start your goals for January. Take a moment to think about the benefits exercise can bring you and if you need some inspiration here is blog post on how it personally helps me through tough times!

2.      Book some workout classes at a few new studios: There are so many new studios opening up around Dallas and likely in your city if you live in a Metroplex. This week I’m checking out Barry’s Bootcamp, and Beyond Pilates in Frisco! Need more ideas? Visit Dallas Fitness Ambassadors or Love You More Too for tons of classes and events happening this month. 
Trust me, you don’t want to wait until January 1st to get the lay of the land. You know its coming…the New Year crowd. This can make starting a new fitness routine even more intimidating. The first few months of the year do not accurately paint a picture of the experience you will get hanging out with members and veterans during the fall. So grab a girlfriend and sign up for a new studio once a week so you are not tempted to snooze or jump right into your sweatpants as soon as you get home! This will also force you to mix up your routine…which leads me to my next tip…

3.      Mix up your routine! You’ve heard it time and time again, because it’s true! No one is forcing you to do a certain workout routine just because you’ve been a member of that community for so long. If you’ve followed me for any length of time you know that I do enjoy home workouts a ton. I have been a Tone it Up member for years, love Lauren Gleisberg’s workout plans, have had an Orange Theory membership, and also taught classes at Grit Fitness. Many friends ask me how I stay in shape all year long and the answer is simple: I never settle into one workout routine for too long. My body is constantly guessing and using new muscles when I change my workouts up and I don’t have to try as hard anymore to achieve my desired fitness goals.

4.      Vegetables are you friend: By Thanksgiving I’ve forgotten what it means to eat a plethora of green things. Literally no one can argue with me on this one because: #beingItalian. Any and every culture has its traditional dishes served on or around the holidays, but sometimes we forget to eat anything nutritious!  Add 1-2 servings of veggies to your breakfast and lunch in preparation for inevitable holiday happy hours and holiday celebrations that happen throughout the work-week. Also make them a staple during the weekend while you’re not attending parties.

5.      Keep those jams fresh! Good music can really get you excited for a workout and its pretty easy on the wallet! No-one wants to buy fresh workout gear around the holiday season! So opt for the workout playlists on Spotify, they are curated for every type of workout and saves you lots of time while you can do all that other good stuff on your to-do list. Need suggestions? My favorite playlists on Spotify coming soon. Do you have favorites? Comment below! 

I like to keep it simple and honest around here. Exercise daily, add more vegetables, and check out a fun new studio with your girls to keep you motivated when winter comes….and if you’re in Dallas, maybe we can grab a drink on the patio afterwards (because it will likely be 80 degrees in December). I’ll take it!

Happy sweat-days!

Xoxo, with gratitude,