Virtual Sweat Date- Moving, Quitting My Job, and Buying a House


HAPPY DAY! So much fun news to share with you beautiful people!! 

Well hello friends, I've missed you! Its been a rough start to the year and I just haven’t been quite ready to let anyone in to my little world. Behind all the social media, my life is 100 more layers of complicated. It hasn't been easy for me to open up, but we’re gettin real personal today, so hang with me if you're dying to know why I've been laying low since the holidays.

I took a break from the blog through what's been (arguably one of) the craziest seasons my husband and I have experienced so far. We've only been married for 1.5 years and we've spent 4.5 of those years in separate cities. While I know that many of my friends have been in more difficult situations, it has been challenging aside from just distance; more-so the emotional roller coaster I have not been ready to admit I am riding. There have been times I wanted to scream ‘let me off!’ when all the change started coming our way. And we're just getting started.

However, my words this year are:

STRENGTH and COURAGE (Joshua 1:9 has been popping up everywhere)

I finally have the courage to share what's going on with me personally and how life is CHANGING at lightning speed! I don't think reality has really set in that all of this is actually happening. I'm still in the denial this all just a dream? Someone slap me...or maybe bring me wine and pizza-that would go over really well. 

Soooo, because I know I won't get to see all of you, or say 'goodbye' to many of you in Dallas, my friend and founder of Fitness Ambassadors, Mai Lynn, inspired me to do a 'Virtual' life update with you all. If you're in my circle, you know that 110% will always include a sweat sesh of some sort. It's all I've been doing the past month to see as many people as possible! My motto isn't 'but first coffee' it's 'let's torture ourselves with a workout and have a smoothie, and THEN coffee'. Now you know, I'm weird. Keep reading if you're into that =) 

Here's what I would tell you if you met me for a sweat date: 

1. Quick Recap of 2017
2017 brought lots of mental challenges for me. I felt extremely lost and was suffering from situational depression, so I took an aptitude test that rocked my world. You can read about those tests here. I took those results and cut out the crap in my life, launched a new blog, made new friends and partnerships and attempted to change my current career while staying in the corporate world. It was extremely frustrating yet fulfilling as I had a new creative space to keep my brain and my heart happy (50%) of the time. It also helped validate all the feelings I had about why I was so unhappy and where I wanted to go with my career. I was just waiting for the right opportunity to pursue my passions full-time. 

2. Well Merry Christmas!!! You're moving to Midland, TX. (5 hours west of Dallas)  
Well if now isn't the time, I don't know when is. Right before the holidays, my husband was given the opportunity to go to Midland, TX for his job. He picked up and moved there at the beginning of 2018 without hesitation, and we've been living apart since then. When I say he was born to do what he is doing, I am not exaggerating. I can't describe how proud I am for seeing him follow his dreams in engineering and to see someone so self-assured (well it’s pretty sexy if I must say so). That's what we all want for ourselves, so it makes it impossible for me not to support him in his endeavors. He is a big part of this blog and my rock in life, although he never asks for credit, I'm giving it to him. You da real MVP Huntman! 



3. We're buying a house! What?! I am not adult enough for this. 
Please tell me I'm not the only one who told herself this when going through first-time home-buying??? There are days that I can't get my sh*% together enough to make more than a bowl of cereal for dinner, and owning a home is a big milestone. BUT, I'm stoked to get to design and rennovate an older home the way we’ve dreamed of doing. You know things can always change with homes, so until we close later this month I'm not going to jinx it! Say a prayer for my soul. Maybe two please. 

After 7 years in Corporate america I am finally going to wear yoga pants full time!!!!!! 

4. Leaving Corporate America...for a while.  
I'd like to qualify this as the biggest change, but honestly...I can't choose one of these things!  This was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I've spent the last 7 years between several consumer goods companies as a packaging engineer. From bringing toy packaging to life at Hasbro to Christmas displays for Airwick and so many products at Mary Kay, that part of my life has been pretty frickin cool. I had the chance to work with some amazing people and there's something about working in the CG world that teaches you SO much it’s hard to describe.  I look at every product I buy with extreme detail and criticsm (can you imagine two engineers designing a home together?! We're in trouble). I'm going to miss developing products and packaging on a large-scale, but I'm eternally grateful for all the opportunities it's afforded me. I've always wanted to manage something greater on my own and I know I'll be using all my skills in the future. Shoutout to Kim Sherman at RIT for telling me I would be my own CEO in college. I should have listened to you years ago! Now its time for a change...I'm really excited to foster new partnerships around the country, travel to lead fitness events, and keep the doors wide open. 


I don't have a PLAN. This is the first time in 13 years I won't have a typical 'job' and I'm NOT terrified....yet!

5. Screw plans. Plans always change. Embrace change instead. 
I don't have a PLAN. This is the first time in 13 years I won't have a typical 'job' and I'm NOT terrified....yet! I don't have any anxiety about all of just feels right. Like the best smoothie bowl you've ever had 'right'. Not too frozen and not too watery. 
Nope, I haven't sat down and journaled my intentions for 2018, haven't set a number to any of my goals yet, haven't resolved to do any one thing ....because I sort of feel like I'm being shot out of a cannon?...moving to a place I don't really know yet. I literally have no idea what doors are going to open for why worry? Instead of trying to set things in stone for myself, I'm stoked with anticipation of saying yes to the right opportunities that come rolling along (except if a skateboard is involved-not for me) 

On our sweat date, I would tell you this...probably squeal it with excitement, hands clasped and clapping like a child...basically a look that only your old college roomates or your family would recognize as pure JOY....

I DO have some plans! The only thing I know for certain is that I'm going to follow my passions in fitness and blogging FULL TIME!!!!!! Shouting that from the rooftops does sound really amazing!!!!! But for right now, I'm going to pack my life up in Dallas, try not to shed too many tears and help rennovate my house. I am respecting my life's priorities right now the best that I can. BUT, in between the painting and the demo-ing and pretending to laugh at Hunt’s Dad jokes, I'll be workin on some pretty amazing workouts to bring to all of you beautiful humans =) I can't WAIT. Give me all the workouts and advice you ever want to see in the comments below! 

Some might say I'm crazy for not having a solid plan, and that's ok..

I can take it-haha wouldn't be the first time! Please know that I appreciate your positive support and prayers in this next adventure of life, and everything will work out for the good. Because I choose to believe in good, in hope, and that life is always better with a sweat date =) 



If you liked our first sweat date, there will be more! If you're local, let's meet up for a class before I move in March, aaaannnd when I come back to visit....often. I'm always down for a new fitness experience (and pizza too, don't forget the pizza). 


with gratitude, Ari 


All pictures taken by Kaytie May, this is not a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Please link back to this post if sharing.