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My Favorite Skincare Products! Skincare Series: Part 2

Fresh Friday-My Favorite Skincare products! What do I use in my daily routine to keep my skin smooth and glowing? Find out here!  

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5 ways to get rid of acne: Skincare Series

Have you tried everything to get rid of acne? I did! Read about our top 5 game-changers as well as 3 things to AVOID. A clear, glowing complection is not a vain goal-its a beautiful one! Find a discount in this post as well....

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How to get rid of acne with Light Therapy- R BEAUTY!

If you saw my post on the Gram last week about how I've started to improve my acne scars and dark spots this past year, as well as get my adult acne under control, then you know about the R BEAUTY light therapy mask! I couldn't more more excited to share my first month results with you. 

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