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Written by Ariana Travelstead

If you saw my post on the Gram last week about how I've started to improve my acne scars and dark spots this past year, as well as get my adult acne under control, then you know about the R BEAUTY light therapy mask! I couldn't more more excited to share my first month results with you. 

Below are two photos (I'm actually wearing makeup!) from the beginning of 2017-After some chemical peels, new products, and even an IPL photo facial at my Medspa. This is actually a HUGE improvement from last year. The problem is, there is downtime with IPL or Blue Light facials, it stings, and you can't be in the sun before or after. You also need to wait about 6 weeks in between these types of treatments. Pretty limiting right?! However Blue-light was a game-changer in getting rid of the bacteria that was causing my cystic acne all these years. I needed a solution at home to target the bacteria with blue light, and my scars and dark spots with other wavelengths. 

Que the R-BEAUTY mask! A company led by a total #GirlBoss and friend of mine, who is so passionate about skincare. She helped me find a solution I could use every day with no down-time and dramatically improve my skin beyond the results of my MedSpa alone. 

This is after just ONE month of light therapy using Blue, Red, Green, and Purple 5-6 days a week. I'm so excited that this is an affordable option for a huge range of benefits! It's super easy to use and you have so many options to improve your skin's appearance as well as fight acne. 

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So what is the best way to use Light Therapy?! Here are the top 3 tips straight from Rbeauty.

TIP #1: Wash your face and apply skincare products as normal.

Remove all makeup prior to using the R ︎ BEAUTY LIGHT: High-Powered Light Therapy Mask.  Use the mask on clean, dry, and makeup-free skin.  Feel free to use normal skincare products (check to make sure they are not photosensitive prior to use).  


TIP #2: Use an exfoliator or light facial peel prior to using the mask

Use an exfoliating cleanser or light facial peel prior to using the R ︎ BEAUTY LIGHT: High-Powered Light Therapy Mask.  This step will prep the facial skin for maximum rejuvenation with clinically proven High-Powered Light Therapy.


TIP #3: Use daily for your best results.

For the first 3 weeks of use, daily treatment sessions of 10-20 minutes is recommended for your best results.  Start with low intensity (Levels 1-2) and increase intensity with usage (ranges from Levels 1-5). 


If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to email us [Info@RBeauty.CO], call us [972-379-9822], or chat with us on our website []!  

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