5 ways to get rid of acne: Skincare Series

Fresh Friday!

Its FRESH Friday and we are starting our Health and Beauty series for September! 

A beautiful day can feel even better with glowing skin. For SO many years I tried using positive self-talk to convince myself I didn't have axiety as a result of my chronic cystic acne.  Will-power and a smile just didn't seem to work for my soul, and if I had to hear 'you're beautiful on the inside' one more time...face it EVERYONE wants clear skin and that is perfectly admirable! I would do anything for clear skin! I tried everything for 14 years. Over the next few weeks we are going to dive deep into skin-care. Specifically for Acne-prone skin, however these changes will be applicable to everyone in a few ways! 

I want to start with things that we don't recommend at AT. 

1) Accutane: please for the love of Jesus do not go down the accutane path if you can avoid it. It has severe side-effects. Research them...they are true. Just ask anyone else who's ever been on it and spare yourself.  

2) Proactive/similar regimines: There are only a few signature ingredients in synthetic traditional acne regimes: Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Benzyl Peroxide and Sulfur. Combined, these dry out the skin and cause it to over-produce oil, thus resulting in more acne. Try to find a regimen that will limit these ingredients to just one product instead of all 3. We will be sharing loads of products next week! 

3) Alcohol-dehydrates the skin and results in inflamation. Do you ever feel 'gross' the day after a night of drinking? We're talking about excessive alcohol consumption, not a few glasses and wine here and there. This has to be the #1 change that can results in endless benefits...including the waistline...lose the booze ladies!

5 Things you can change RIGHT now to get rid of those reoccuring zits 

1) Change your pillowcase! While we haven't tried silk pillowcases here yet, there are some great reviews that support radiant skin results. Change your pillowcase every 5 days like clockwork. Your skin regenerates every night, which means it leaves leftover oils and makeup on your pillowcase. This will be a game-changer for you. 

2) Do NOT use your bath towels to dry your face. Go ahead and purchase a large pack of wash cloths or towels (highly suggest bleach-safe that don't stain) Try these from Amazon and dedicate these as your 'ONLY face' towels. This has made a huge difference in my results. I change my cloths every couple of days and they are really easy to travel with. 

Bleach Safe Towels.jpg

3) Do not skip removing your makeup at night! This seems like a no-brainer, but we can't stress enough...take your makeup off. We like Mary Kay's Oil Free Eye Makeup remover for eyes, and a mild exfoliator with glycolic acid to cleanse. Tend to your skin every night and morning, despite breakouts you will see results in time. 

4) Book an appointment with your local Med-Spa! This will be the second part of this skincare series.  Regular facials from a spa that is qualified in the latest treatments and technologies is invaluable. We highly recommend Oasis Med Spa in North Dallas. They have an amazing membership plan that includes many different treatments on a monthly basis and their aesthetitians tailor all the products they recommend and your treatment schedule, based on your specific needs. This spa has changed my life, I now have several friends that have joined. They also do laser hair removal, botox, and offer Micro-needling (SkinPen!) Tell them Ariana Travelstead sent you and you will receive 10% off a service for mentioning this blog-post. If you go-call to make an appointment today! 

5) Light Therapy- Light Therapy masks are finally hitting the market in a commercialized, affordable way! Yayyyy! You can read how to use a light therapy mask in my recent post here. Blue light facials (or IPL) can be really expensive and also uncomfortable-I'm not a huge fan of how the treatment feels but it WORKS. A facial mask is way less tactile as you simply let the mask rest gently on your face for 15-30 minutes of time. You can use it while you're listening to TV, music, books, etc. and it gets rid of breakouts fast! Getting blue-light treatments was a total game-changer for me!! It kills the bacteria under the skin and helps generate new skin, reduce scars, and reduce and prevent breakouts. I'll be writing about my new mask from R-beauty over the next few months so stay tuned! Read all about light therapy on their blog Rbeauty.co So many useful posts here about what colors to use and their different regimines for you!!! 

Well there you have it, our TOP 5 tips to changing your skin today. If you haven't seen my before and after photos, you really want to check them out in the post mentioned above. See for yourself how light therapy is helping me keep my breakouts under control and work on anti-aging for glowing skin =) It makes me so happy to be able to provide you with a solution knowing it works! 

Cheers to the weekend!



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