Why you NEED to ditch the scale: How to set Performance Goals!

Good morning friends! Thank you as always for supporting my (small but mighty) corner of the internet. This blog is a personal creative outlet, but if just one person is encouraged by it, that’s extra sprinkles on top for me. (Rainbow sprinkles are my fav topping in case you ever want to bring me a treat).

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I cannot stress enough how much damage the scale can do to our well-being. Many of you are very aware of this and I’m so sorry if this has encapsulated during your life. If you’re not ready to measure you self-worth using a different tool, maybe today is the day to think about it. I can only show you what success feels like through my own confidence in using performance to measure my growth and not the scale. It sincerely hurts me when I think about how many women and men define themselves by a number. I completely understand that certain health issues and surgical procedures can require us to have a certain body composition. There are also places it can be very unhealthy when certain numbers start to show (high cholesterol) or we’re at increased risk of heart attack, high blood pressure (all of these which can come with any weight by the way), etc. I empathize with those of you who have struggled your whole weight to fit into societal standards that are completely unfair, and have told you that you need to be a certain size to be ‘normal’. SCREW THAT. Your worth and your value and beauty was created by God for great works in which He prepared in advance for you! Ephesians 2:10


Yesterday, I was extra inspired to write about this topic. We had a specialty template at Orangetheory Odessa, where I’m not only a coach, but also an athlete. I always say even coaches need coaches because if we’re not consistently challenging our own goals, how can we empathize with our clients and members who are going through similar challenges? Our members and coaches there seriously motivate me to be the best I can be. They are my accountability system!

This particular challenge was running for distance. It’s called ‘Catch Me if You Can’ and basically all I can tell you, is that your coach is trying to catch you at certain times/distances throughout a time period of 20 minutes. Last time I made it to 17 minutes, but this time I made it to 20 minutes before I got caught!!!! 3 whole extra minutes in a matter of 2 months is a HUGE sign of progress for me, and I decided to celebrate! If we only celebrated each time we got on the scale and saw a lower number, honestly the pity-parties would greatly outweigh the victory laps.


First things first! For most of us, accountability is the main reason we find failure to be our friend more than success. My hope for you is that you would BELIEVE in yourself, that success really can be YOURS especially with help! Your mission is to share #MYPERFORMACEGOAL with someone: a friend, a community on instagram or Facebook, a coach, a mentor-someone who isn’t going to say ‘it’s ok honey, have some ice cream’ when really you want them to say ‘you can do this! You’ll feel so much better after your walk! Your goal is in sight, today is ONE more step towards that goal!’ Maybe find those friends LOL. (remember I’m not against any foods here, just anyone who gets in the way of you and your goals!)

Here are some performance goal ideas. Please check in with me on Instagram @arianatravelstead throughout this summer and this next year (yes goals take TIME!) and this hashtag #MYPERFORMANCEGOAL These are measurable checkpoints that you can use to measure your progress if you work on one each week/month, etc. Make sure you write them down in one place each time!

  • Doing 10 pushups on your toes

  • Walking 1 mile

  • Power Walking (using arms or incline) 3x per week

  • Jogging 1 mile

  • Running 1 mile (decreasing pace)

  • Beginning a weight-lifting routine

  • Increasing your weight choices (upper or lower body)

  • Distance goal on the bike

  • Training for a Sprint-Triathlon

  • Swimming X number of meters

  • Rowing distance goal, EX: Rowing 1000 or 2000 meters

  • Doing a handstand (Google HIIT to INVERT E-book!)

  • Finding a workout program you enjoy! (this will take consistency in trying and sticking with something for several weeks)

  • Training for a Spartan Race

  • Going from power-walking to jogging! (start with just 30 seconds at a time!)

Now comment below if you have a goal, or share with me on FB or IG. I can’t wait to hear from you and HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE! That’s what I’m here for! Let’s do this today!

With gratitude,

xoxo Ari