Summer Gear I Can't Live Without

Cheer's to a never ending summer! 

In Texas, summer really doesn't end until October-so we need all the help we can get with keeping our minds (and bodies) healthy and occupied! You know I need a few things for a GREAT workout. My water, powerful beats, a sick playlist, and a HR monitor! Here are a few of my go-tos this summer. 


20 Fl. oz Yeti Cup with Powder coating


Before you live in the South, you really can't grasp how hot it is. It's been 107F all week y'all! I also didn't understand what a Yeti cooler was...never mind a cup. Why is this thing so special?! Well it seriously works! Much to my surprise it's the best gift you could get anyone down here (yes of course you can get it monogrammed or branded). I recently got a new little 20 fl. oz cup with the extra straw/compatible lid and reusable straw (yay for sustainability!). It fits better in most cup holders and doesn’t get as hot on the outside as my 32oz stainless steel one does. I'm drinking way more with this medium size! (about 5+ each day). I’m always preaching about staying hydrated, especially in the summer-this is how I do it and keep COOL for hours! Out of all my pics in this post, I'd invest in this first (also the cheapest). 

Fitbit Charge 2


Verizon was lovely enough to let me test out some fun gear this summer including this Fitbit Charge 2 and the JBL Flip Speaker. I can't live without an activity tracker. Using Heart Rate zone training has changed the way I exercise. I was looking for something different because the battery life on my Apple watch-well lets be honest it sucks and I need a new one. Fitbit has really upped its game the last few years. So here's my honest review:


-MUCH better battery life (days compared to the ¾ day my apple watch gives me)
-Option to track workouts- just like having an apple watch
-More affordable pricepoint $159
-Better UX-in/app experience: I love that I can see how many steps my friends have walked all week (Apple's sharing UX is weak) and the challenges are better. 
-Small/comfortable design in a variety of colors
-Alerts you when you get a text and scrolls through your message
-If budget and getting steps/keeping up with friends is your main concern, go with the Fitbit Charge all the way.


-I'm currently doing a ton of renovations on my home, and I’m not a huge fan of how this 'tracks' activity. It thinks every time I pick up a hammer or crowbar that I’m taking steps. That’s nice and all, but not very accurate.
-Small display, basic graphics
-Main control side button is very touchy...I ended my workouts prematurely many times accidentally hitting it!


-Unfortunately, I'm still going to say I can't live without my apple watch! I prefer the display and the move goal on the apple watch, to the activity measurement on Fitbit. Personally my resting heart rate is very low (I'm cool with that cardio conditioning!) so just because I get in a lot of steps doesn’t mean that I’m being ‘active’ and hitting my personal performance goals. At the end of the day, I don’t NEED to measure my calorie burn (I don’t encourage this for anyone who struggles with obsessive exercise or OCD) but it keeps my workout efforts honest and for a fitness instructor endurance is key! I’ll be sticking with my Apple watch, saving up for the newest one, or maybe the Fitbit watch in the future. Maybe I’ll test that out soon! 


JBL Flip Speaker

If you are near a pool or any body of water this summer, make sure you pack this JBL waterproof speaker from Verizon-you read that right, safe around your cannon-ball filled pool or boat days on the lake. The best part? The sound is incredible! Don’t be fooled by its size, I would be packing this in my bag wherever I went if I were you. Call some some friends and bring the party! JBL won’t let you down.


Have I mentioned it’s safe for those Epsom-salt baths I know you athletes are taking? I’m a bath-snob (is that a thing?!)...Gotta have the candles, bubble bath, and of! I’ll be honest, I’m always slightly worried my speaker or my phone (perfectly placed near a towel on the floor or side wall-cuz that’s safe) will get splashed. No more worrying with the Flip my friends! Run don’t walk to grab this at Verizon!

Apple Powerbeats Wireless 3

I’ve tried my hardest to love other brands of headphones, I really have. I keep going back to the Powerbeats/Beats By Dre- last month I upgraded to the newest ones. Totally worth saving for and they have sales at Target or Best Buy all the time! The battery life is longer and the sound is more powerful! I mean LOUD. Of course I try to be careful about my music volume because hearing loss is something I take seriously. Don't take it for granted friends!  

BUT...Music is my main motivation for workouts, without it, I feel lost. These even come with me to the grocery store (because we all know my disdain for the grocery store). I’m even able to take phone calls (wear the corded speaker in the front) to multitask while I’m out and about or want to walk and talk. They’re simply the most comfortable wireless buds for my tiny ears (for wearing hours at a time).

Well friends, that's a wrap! Those are my fav summer gear picks right now. What are your favorites? Comment below on what I need to try next! 

With gratitude,