Kaytie's Boo-tiful Halloween Looks!

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Hi! I'm Kaytie Gaus and I am a makeup artist, and also affiliated with Maskcara Beauty. One of my favorite times of the year is Halloween. The chill in the air, pumpkin everything, but most of all -Halloween makeup!! Gone are my days of spending hundreds of dollars on costume pieces that I will only wear once and then wrinkle in the back of my closet... just give me a little bit of makeup and watch me transform. You too, can turn into any character your heart desires with a little imagination and some makeup! 

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Look #1 - Candyland 

This look was really fun and easy! I had everything on hand with the exception of the candy! 

Candy Land.PNG


On one half of my face, I did my "normal" makeup look, and on the candyland side, I used a mixture of cream blushes and pink eyeshadows to create a candy inspired smoky eye and brow. 

To adhere the candy and sprinkles, I used eyelash adhesive. I recommend removing any facial hair/peach fuzz so removal is not painful. 

Products used on the face:

Amber and June highlights 

Ash contour 

Nude blush

Pink smoky eye:

Pink grapefruit blush

Dahlia blush 

Mama eyeshadow

On Wednesdays eyeshadow

Mi Hija eyeshadow 

Kin eyeshadow 


Look #2 Lioness

For the lion look, I used all highlight and contour shades of foundation to create the face shape of a lion. Fluffy eyebrows completed the look. 

Products used:

Moonlit highlight

Amber highlight

Indigo contour

Olive contour 

Trust eyeshadow on brows



Look #3 Mutilated Mouth

Scary looks are my favorite!! To create the look of a cut open and mutilated mouth, I layered adhesive and tissue paper, and then cut an opening. I then layered foundation, blush, and eyeliner and finished the look with fake blood to give it a gorey appearance. 

Products used:

Amber highlight

Black cherry blush

Ruby blush 

Maybelline gel liner

Fake blood

Stack with brush.jpg


What I love about these Halloween looks are that I had all the makeup products on hand. Maskcara Beauty sells all their singles for 12 dollars, and they are all compact and magnetic and make storage a breeze. 

Stay Boo-tiful ladies!!! 

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Photos provided by Kaytie Gaus and Masckara Beauty.