Free Stability Ball Workout!

Written by: Ariana Travelstead


A freebie day is a great day! 

You’ve just come back from the weekend or vacation and need to kick it up a knotch….here’s the perfect workout to add into your routine! This Stability Ball workout is one of our favorites. It’s just a small glimpse into what you can do with the ball! Feel free to add your own favorites to the routine.

Workout Stability Ball.png


Here, you will sculpt every major muscle group, get stronger with each time you try it, and tone all over! I challenge you to do this routine 2x per week for 10 weeks, and share your results with us! Your pushup and plank progress will amaze you. Do as many as you can for the first week, and then pick it up gradually. The routine should be done 1-3 times through.

Write down the routine for the gym, or snap it to your phone and get to work! 

xoxo, Ari

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