5 Healthy Travel Tips for the Holidays

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Traveling during the holidays is a normality for most Americans. We pack our suitcases, and our cars full to the brim, only to fill ourselves to the brim for days or even weeks throughout November and December! It is also normal to get overly stressed and pack on unnecessary pounds throughout this time, but it doesn't have to be that way! I'm heading home to my Italian and Armenian friends and family-you could say there's lots of cheese and meat involved...and more cheese and cookies, pies, pastries-you name it. I live by the 80/20 rule and remember life is about balance-whatever that looks like for you and your lifestyle. Here are some of the ways I keep my body and mind from feeling stressed, tired, or guilty through this busy season. 

1. Stay active
Either the night before, or the morning of your travel day, make it a priority to get in 30 minute of exercise. You likely won't have much alone time during family and friend gatherings- Am I right? So take time to dedicate a few moments to yourself. No gym? No problem. Take a look at my favorite workout apps to get your sweat on in your hotel room/guest room-wherever you're staying! Try taking the family for a walk after your celebratory meal together. This will boost your energy AND your mood. 

2. Skip the in-flight cocktail, coffee or caffeinated drinks
I'm serious this is a small choice that adds up quickly! The added calories are going to be better spent over a glass of wine you will likely enjoy with friends during the week/weekend anyhow. Stick to as much water as possible as these other choices will leave you dehydrated and can lead to headaches, fatigue, and dizziness. Personally this helps as I love to hit up my favorite local spots back home for coffee, or bagels, pizza, etc.....all thing things I LOVE in Jersey. 

3. Always carry an empty water bottle with you
Believe it or not, you can take it to Starbucks and they will fill it for you =) (not that a water fountain isn't another choice, just not my preferred one!) I prefer to take a bottle on the plane because one tiny airplane cup of water just doesn't cut it for me-yes I always grab an aisle seat. Easier to get up and stretch too! 

4. Be prepared for delays and save yourself stress with audio-books! -there are so many unexpected delays out of our control during these months, if you set your expectations beforehand, you'll already know there might be some waiting around time (be it at the airport or in the car). Download some podcasts and books ahead of time-haven't you been dying for some time to get through that book anyway?! My husband and I love Audible and you can download these quickly so listening in Airplane mode is not a problem! 

Some books on Audible that I love are: The Power of Habit, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, StoryBrand, Midas Touch, Unbroken, and Lone Survivor (lots of variety for you!)....that StarWars book though...I wish I could say I read that too! Thanks hubs for adding to the list. 


5. Bring your breakfast, and snacks with you during travel periods! 
It's a lot easier to just grab and go while you're in an airport, or worse in the car and you have fast food choices ALL AROUND YOU-good God this is my weakness in Texas. If its at all possible for you to make a hard and fast rule to not eat any fast food during your trip-do it! Pack a turkey sandwich, an apple and some nuts/trail mix or protein bar (my favorites are Luna bars right now). I know while you're thinking ahead, a PB&J doesn't sound the healthiest, but over a fried sandwich and fries its a total WIN! If you have to stop for fast food, try your hardest to choose a salad at each stop, knowing that you'll be eating larger meals later. I know its not glamorous, but it really does keep the waistline from getting out of control. 

Overall, there is no greater power for staying on track than your mindset. If you're goal is to keep up with your healthy habits while still enjoying some pie, these will go a long way! Have some pumpkin-everything for me! Happy Thanksgiving beautiful friends. 

xoxo, with gratitude,




This is not a sponsored post. All photos and opinions are my own unless otherwise noted.