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Lindsay's pursuit of happiness

Lindsay Marquis-Personal Success

A fellow #tiugirl, Lindsay never dances around the truth. She has always tells it like it is and lives a life full of hard work and sacrifice. While Lindsay doesn't need recognition to keep her goals aflame, we are giving her the spotlight here while she pursues her long-time dream of becoming a police-officer.

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Paging Dr. Allie-Ph.D candidate, teacher, Masckara artist


Meet Allie, a Global Studies Teacher and Academic Technologist. Allie gives a lot of time to others for the advancement and growth of our next generation. She shares her thoughts on success.

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Gritty and Graceful, Nichole's road to Ironman

Nichole Vensko-2x Ironman: Personal Success

Meet Nichole, 2x Ironman and mom of 3. Team Betty has her looking like a total badass-even though she doesn’t need it, she’s gritty and graceful. Read this deep interview about what it takes to be an Ironman.

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Success on and off the field-Carleigh's Story

CARLEIGH MORBA-Executive Recruiter: Professional Success

Meet Carleigh, a finance major turned executive recruiter. Learn more about her experience in a fast-paced industry, and how she leverages her personal skills to make success realized in the workplace.

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From Pink Cadillac to VP of Sales-Lindsey's Story


Meet this professional game changer. From engineering to earning a pink Cadillac, Lindsey has seen success from many angles. Read more about her thoughts on taking risks and inspiring her team to do more.

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