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The light behind the lens of Sun7Studios


Ashley Hayes: Professional Success

Ashley Hayes is a professional photographer and videographer living in PA. Her ability to make you feel comfortable and confident behind the camera is unlike most photographers I have worked with. There's something so different about her spirit, she's so bubbly and authenticity flows freely from her life. Read about her latest venture! 

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Watch Heather Turn Success Upside-down

Heather Barb: Professional Success

Meet Heather, an innovative Yoga teacher, blogger and influencer! She took her skills from the corporate world and her passion for yoga to bring us her Ebook- HIIT to Invert. Read about her journey and thoughts on success. 

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Paging Dr. Allie-Ph.D candidate, teacher, Masckara artist


Meet Allie, a Global Studies Teacher and Academic Technologist. Allie gives a lot of time to others for the advancement and growth of our next generation. She shares her thoughts on success.

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