Trust Your Journey


4 Ways to trust your journey

The 5 year plan...some of you may dread this question. What does this mean for you? Do you have some sort of a plan or a list of intentions for the next couple of years? Chances are, it will change. Remember, that is OK! Refer back to our post on patience . But having a general sense of direction is important to keep from getting too comfortable. We need to stretch ourselves to see growth in our lives! 

Do you trust your journey? Or are you trying to model someone else's? This thing, this goal, this milestone you are working towards-its all you girl! Not me, not her. No one else is going to walk in the same shoes or take the same steps that you do. Do not try to emulate something you're not. Do not focus on the life of someone else-especially if you only see it through social media lenses. 

1. Own your own story-never be ashamed to share your struggles, they can help inspire and motivate someone else to start working towards their own goal. God is building your resume to share with the world in hopes it will help another! 

2. Have faith-the track we start moving on will ultimately come with twists and turns unexpected. Always remember there is a greater plan and this path you find yourself on is all part of it! You're still headed in the right direction. 

3. Give yourself grattitude-thank yourself for all the hard yards you are putting in! It's not easy have several roles as a woman, knowing we most likely won't receive recognition for our extra effort-but every once and a while you'll be surprised! Make sure to thank yourself daily! 

4. Everyone is watching-if you show up every day because you genuinley care about your case, people will notice. They will wonder, what is different about this girl? What is she doing that is bringing her so much success? They will be inspired to make a change and push themselves the extra mile. By pushing ourselves, we in-turn push others to reach their highest potential-pretty awesome right?!